Prism Engineering Inc.

Our Services

Prism Engineering specializes in providing their clients with engineering support services, detailed engineering design, transportation services, construction services, project management and surveying.

Engineering Support Services

The preliminary planning stages of a development are essential to the ultimate success of any project. Prism Engineering is capable of turning your vision into reality, providing full engineering support during the subdivision, re-zoning, and planning stages. Whether the project is currently an idea, a sketch or has received full municipal approval, Prism Engineering is there to support you every step of the way. Engineering support services include in-house topographic survey and contour mapping, site feasibility studies, development cost estimating, project scheduling, preliminary underground servicing, roadway and grading design, drainage reports and plans, and consultation with the municipality and community.

Detailed Engineering Design

Experienced engineering design is crucial to the overall success of any construction process. Prism Engineering excels in providing functional, cost-effective engineering design for a variety of land development projects. By combining construction field experience with technical expertise, Prism Engineering delivers clear, constructible engineering plans within an efficient timeline. Detailed engineering design services include site grading, sanitary sewer, waterline, storm sewer, storm ponds, concrete infrastructure and roadways.

Transportation Services

Transportation services adds a specialized component to the overall package that Prism Engineering provides.  Prism Engineering excels in providing functional, creative transportation assessments and designs for a variety of municipal and land development projects. Transportation services include geometrical design of highways, roadways and intersections, quantity calculations, specification & tender documents, field inspections & supervision, and project management.

Construction Services

Once design and building approvals are in place, Prism Engineering takes on a supervisory role during the construction and installation process. By providing experienced construction survey and inspection, Prism Engineering is able to maintain proficient communication between the developer, municipality and contractor. The field representation offered by Prism Engineering ensures consistency between the design and construction phases, creating a final product that the client and municipality can be proud of. Specific construction services include inspection, construction survey, project scheduling, progress reporting, contract creation and administration, budgeting, and construction coordination.

Project Management

Project management and communication are key ingredients to the success of any endeavor, to ensure that timelines and budgets are met for each individual client. Prism Engineering prides itself on ensuring that each stage of a project is managed in an experienced and effective manner, from the early planning stages up to final completion. By functioning as a multi-discipline firm, Prism Engineering strives to ensure our client's specific needs are exceeded. Many of our existing clients have become long-term clients, which relates directly to the project management skills at Prism Engineering. Specific project management services include cost estimating, project feasibility reporting, project scheduling and coordination, consultation with all stakeholders, regular updates to the client, and coordination of third party designs, such as legal survey and shallow utilities.


Experienced construction surveyors are essential during the final product of construction. Prism Engineering provides in-house surveyors to ensure that the professional engineering design is accurately implemented by the on-site contractor. By retaining in-house surveyors, Prism Engineering also develops a direct communication between the construction site and project management team. Specific surveying services include topographic survey, construction survey of underground and surface improvements, shallow utility survey, and as-built survey of all improvements.